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Address: Leninsky prospekt, 65

Tel: +7 (095) 930 92 25

The conference will take place at the main building of Gubkin University of Oil and Gas in Moscow. The university is situated right in Leninskiy highway which is leading to the picturesque surroundings at Sparrow Hills and a few minutes walk away from the the Mocsow State Darwin museum.

The Universitys history is closely linked with the development of the energy sector. The Moscow Mining Academy was founded in 1918 at the order of SNH, and two years later the Faculty of Geology and the Faculty of Mining started training specialists for the countrys petroleum industry. The first group of petroleum engineers graduated in 1924. In 1930 the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering was organized, and on April 17, 1930 the Moscow Mining Academy was reorganized into six higher educational institutions. The new Moscow Institute of Oil, which grew out of the Oil Faculty, was named in honor of Academician I. M. Gubkin, who became its first rector. Thus, by the early 1930s, training of petroleum engineers had become an independent branch within higher education.

Many of the Mining Academy alumni of 1924-1930, such as M. Charygin, I. Muravyov, F. Trebin, A. Serdy, I. Polyakov, I. Gurevich, N. Shatsov became noted scholars and headed faculties and departments of the new institute.

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Russias principal higher educational institute of petroleum engineering, has now been in existence for almost 75 years. Gubkin University follows the best traditions of the national higher education system. The University today offers training in 15 majors, including 26 specialties and 39 scientific areas of specialization and had trained over 70 000 diploma engineers, candidates and doctors of science, many of whom are presently top executives of oil and gas companies.