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Moscow is the capital of Russia, the countrys largest city, its major political, industrial and cultural center. First tribes appeared on the territory of the future Moscow in the Neolithic epoch. The reference to a Moscow, as to a town, is foundin the old manuscript of 1147. In the end of 15th century, during Ivan III reign, Moscow becomes the capital of Russia. Moscow Kremlin, which was built in the beginning of the 15century, is a benchmark of that epoch.


During French invasion Napoleon said: ''If I capture Kiev, I'll take Russia by it's feet, if I capture Petersburg, I'll take it by it's head and if I capture Moscow, I'll destroy it's heart''.

Today Moscow is one of the worlds biggest megapolis and the biggest city in Europe. Its population is about 10 million people.


According to assessments by the World Tourism Organization, Russia is rated 15th in the world in terms of the number of foreign visitors. Every year, Russia greets about 17.5 million guests, and Moscow is one of the most popular Russian cities to visit. Moscow is a Russian Mecca for tourists. Its architecture combines the features of both Oriental and Western cultures so Moscow is a unique city. The Moscow region (Moscow and the Moscow area) has one of the largest history-cultural potential in the country . More than 200 sights of the city are brought in to the UNO register.

Moscow is the nice place to hold international conferences, congresses, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, fairs, festivals and events.